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Researchers, you increase the rate of this type diabetes rose 1 24 4 100 000 found young people, from 2002 to 2009, in the first year of study up to 27 4 by 100 000 young in the last year of the study. Credit: Kaiser Permanent rate of young non-Hispanic whites, diagnosed diabetes type 1 has significantly increased, from 2002 to 2009 in all but the youngest group of children, according to a new study published today in the journal diabetes. The study includes data from more than 2 million children and adolescents living in different geographic regions of the United States. Within this researchers identified population 5 842 of young non-Hispanic whites, at the age of 19 and less new in the eight-year study period, a diagnosis of diabetes type 1. They found that, between 2002 and 2009, type 1-diabetes-tariff 24 Pink. 4 by 100 000 young in the first year of study up to 27 4 by 100 000 young in the last year of the study. The study based on the finding diabetes in the inclusion of young people, one of the most important studies and the most modern of diabetes among youth in the United States. Type 1 diabetes is the predominant form of diabetes diagnosed in childhood. The incidence has increased in many other countries, including in Europe, but data from populations in the United States MPH, MSSA, were limited, said study author Jean M. Lawrence, ScD, Kaiser Permanent Southern California Department of research evaluation &. This project is diabetes protocol program free download an example of much larger and more geographically different than previous studies in the United States. The study also showed that increases have been more clearly among children aged 5 to 9, with smaller in the 10 to 14 years and 15-19 years increases, but no increase in the incidence among children 4 years and less there. In addition, the rate of increase has been slightly for boys than girls, according to the researchers. Our results show this increase in the course of type 1 diabetes in young people, said Lawrence. These trends will continue in the United States by the research study, to identify trends in type 1 diabetes in young non-Hispanic whites and young people from other ethnic groups and the potential of the causes of these increases will be monitored. We have since diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the eight years of the study more than children and these children need specialized medical care, how they enter adulthood. Search for diabetes in youth study is a national multicenter study to develop a deeper understanding of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents in the United States. The study, launched in 2000, includes data centers in five States - California, Colorado, Ohio, Washington and South Carolina - and by the Centers for disease control and prevention, National Institute of diabetes per year and funded by the gastrointestinal tract and kidney disease. Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes, is usually in childhood, with only 5 percent of people with diabetes, suffering from this form of the disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. Type 1 diabetes, the body loses its ability to produce a hormone, insulin, to the conversion of sugar, starch and other food into energy needed for daily life. Insulin therapy and other treatments are needed, people with diabetes type 1 manage their disease to help long, healthy life and prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, which can affect your eyes, nerves and kidneys. Continue to explore: study finds a significant increase in type 1 diabetes and 2 amongst reference us journal youth: diabetes provided by Kaiser Permanent 0 shares your comments to the editor,.